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The New Normal


Do you like listening to adverts?  We don’t like playing them too much many either. The sad fact is that independent local radio is becoming a distant memory simply because its not cost effective. It costs an absolute fortune to broadcast in the conventional way and radio stations can only pay the bills by playing frequent numerous adverts. 

Ocean City Radio is unlike other stations…we broadcast via the internet only. Some would say that this restricts their ability to listen to us but just think of all the different devices that connect to the internet these days.

Ocean City Radio has a set of ethics that are unlike mainstream radio too. The whole team are volunteers and driven by a love for radio and community life…not money.

We cater for every musical taste and age-group with multi-genre music, chat-shows, celebrity interviews, competitions and so much more. Our presenters are local people too, with that Plymothian twang in their accents.

Why not give Ocean City Radio a try today and experience the new normal in independent local radio.