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Ginger and Nuts is a highly addictive radio show that's guaranteed to lift your mood to make you feel good.

My first taste of radio presenting came way back in 2013 when a good friend of mine asked me to fill in for his co-host who was otherwise engaged that evening - the show called "The Plymouth Punchline" and was a off-the-cuff, completely unscripted and very politically incorrect take on local news and events around Plymouth and the surrounding areas. There was no filter. Nothing was off limits. I had found my calling in life. So much so that I invited a certain Mr. Pinhey from our very own Ocean City Rock Block to join me. The rest, they say, is history. Fast forward a few years and I find myself back where I feel most comfortable - talking rubbish and playing great music for the local community of Plymouth and beyond. I currently have 2 shows, both on a Monday - my new show "Monday Morning Mayhem with Jon Kirby", is a staple breakfast show, (coupled with a sprinkling of my own personal madness), which airs live between 8 and 11am. But probably the show I'm most well-known for is "The Hangover" which I co-host with fellow OCR presenter and long-time friend of mine, Sophie Gibson. This show needs no introduction - we have been working together on it for well over a year now, it gets better every time, and I wouldn't be able to do it without her (don't tell her that though, I'll never hear the end of it)! I have also been known, from time to time, to make the odd cameo appearance on the Rock Block with Darren - he doesn't let me come on very often because I like perm rock, much to his disgust (though deep down I know he loves a good power ballad, bit of Poison, Whitesnake, and ESPECIALLY Guns N' Roses).

I am a former journalist, TV and Radio presenter who has returned to Plymouth after living in Bulgaria. I love the oldies but they have to be good! Requests for tracks from the 60s to 80s make up a large part of the show.

Hi, my name is Neil Farley I been doing radio for years now. Would love your company every Wednesday evening for the Neil Farley Wednesday 8 pm evening show. Have lots of things on my show. At 8 pm till 9 pm it is the request hour u pick the tunes I will play them. At 9 pm we have the mystery now at 9. I play half of hour of music from a now album u got to try and guess the number now album and the year plus something that happened in the year.930pm we go through the decades we play hits from the 70s, 80s,90s,2000,2010,2020

I started out as a guest on Jon Kirby’s show and never left, i never thought I would be co hosting a radio show and I absolutely love it! I am also the syndicate manager behind the scenes! You can catch me insulting Jon, playing tunes and discussing current affairs on The Hangover, Mondays 8-10pm.

Peter Fairhead is a native of Chelmsford who moved to West Yorkshire as long ago as 1980. By then, life after grammar school had seen him working in Road Safety, then selling Mars bars, Rothmans cigarettes and finally Memorex cassettes. A member of Hospital Radio Chelmsford since aged 14, Peter’s enthusiasm for music took him via work experience at BBC Radio Medway (Kent) to Radio Orwell (Suffolk) in 1978, after which Peter decided to call himself a professional radio man, and he remained a full-timer until the mid-1990’s.

My Name is Rich Palfrey aka Shades I am 48 years old I have been a mobile DJ For 30+ years. I have always wanted to be a Radio Presenter From when I Was Little. I have great music knowledge and I have been with Ocean City Radio from when we started

Hi everyone, Archie here and I present my own show Full Time with Archie. Being the youngest presenter on the station I like to full front my show with modern day songs with a bit of the classics thrown in between. I’m also a huge Plymouth Argyle fan and run my own social media page @argylearmy

My name is Darren Pinhey, I’m 50 with 6 children. I’m a full time fully qualified motorcycle instructor and have been for 18 years. I love presenting OCR Rock Block on Saturday nights 8 til 11playing all genres of rock. I joined the OCR family in November 2018 with a very good friend Jon and have watched the family grow and give back to the local community a local station who cares passionately about its listeners and community. With a dedicated team of volunteers, I am proud to be a member of we strive to give the community a voice it can trust and be proud of.

Hey everyone! I feel very privileged to be joining the fabulous team at Ocean City Radio and am looking forward to getting to know you guys in the community who are tuning in. I have never worked in radio before so this feels like a huge challenge but isn’t that what life’s about – challenging […]

My show is ‘Tuesday Night Live’ between 8-10 pm. The main focus is playing a mix of Indie and electronic music, on occasion interviewing guests covering a range of topics including local politics, music, charities, etc. I also help out behind the scenes with community engagement which is all about making connections with local organisations. I would encourage anyone to get involved in local community radio and become part of a supportive team of presenters and management.

Founder and Operations Director at OCR. A former tutor/trainer/instructor in electronics, security, English and maths. Following a dream to re-build a sense of community within the City of Plymouth.