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My first taste of radio presenting came way back in 2013 when a good friend of mine asked me to fill in for his co-host who was otherwise engaged that evening - the show called "The Plymouth Punchline" and was a off-the-cuff, completely unscripted and very politically incorrect take on local news and events around Plymouth and the surrounding areas. There was no filter. Nothing was off limits. I had found my calling in life. So much so that I invited a certain Mr. Pinhey from our very own Ocean City Rock Block to join me. The rest, they say, is history. Fast forward a few years and I find myself back where I feel most comfortable - talking rubbish and playing great music for the local community of Plymouth and beyond. The show I'm most well-known for is "The Hangover" which I co-host with fellow OCR presenter and long-time friend of mine, Sophie Gibson. This show needs no introduction - we have been working together on it for well over a year now, it gets better every time, and I wouldn't be able to do it without her (don't tell her that though, I'll never hear the end of it)! I have also been known, from time to time, to make the odd cameo appearance on the Rock Block with Darren - he doesn't let me come on very often because I like perm rock, much to his disgust (though deep down I know he loves a good power ballad, bit of Poison, Whitesnake, and ESPECIALLY Guns N' Roses).